Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size storage unit will I need?

A: See our Rates & Sizes page for some examples, or just contact our Resident Facility Managers, Doug and Carol, who will be happy to help you assess your needs.

Q: How long can a unit be leased for?

A: Our Coquitlam storage unit leases are based on a month-to-month agreement. You can stay as long as you like, provided your account is kept current and you continue to observe the conditions of the Rental Agreement.

Q: What can I store?

A: You can store almost anything in your storage locker! Furniture, books, clothing, personal effects, files, office equipment, documents, excess stock, cars, trucks, boats etc. Please note that storing flammable, perishable, or illegal goods is forbidden. See our Storage Tips page for ideas on how to store your items efficiently and safely. Also, consider using our Inventory Tracking Sheet and Box Labels on our forms page to keep track of your items in storage.

Q: What method of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Debit, Online Banking, Cash and Cheque payments. See our Payment Options page for more information.

Q: When can I get access to my goods?

A: Whenever and as often as you like within our operating hours. (6am to 8:45pm 7 days a week)

Q: Do I need insurance for my goods?

A: We do recommend it as we do not insure your belongings. Most homeowner and tenant policies do provide coverage of belongings at locations away from your home. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider.

Q: Do you sell moving supplies?

A: Absolutely! We sell boxes, wardrobe boxes, mattress covers, packing tape and more. See our Moving Supplies page for more information.

Q: Can I install shelves?

A: Yes, of course you may install free standing shelves in the storage unit, provided that they are completely removed upon move out and that there has been no damage to the walls of the storage unit.

Q: Do I have to give notice when moving out?

A: Yes, we require 14 days notice prior to moving out. Also, once you have completely vacated the unit, you must let the office know so that a unit inspection may be conducted. We recommend you use our Move Out Notice on our forms page to complete this process.

Q: What happens if I pay my rent late?

A: Your access will be suspended and a late fee will apply. Please see the terms of agreement that was provided upon your initial rental. We hope our flexible payment options will help you avoid this situation.

Q: When will I get my deposit back?

A: Upon returning your gatecard and/or hallway key, your security deposit will be returned in accordance with the terms of our agreement.

Q: Will you send me a monthly invoice?

A: Yes, Budget Mini-Storage does invoice its customers. We will send you a monthly invoice, or you can pay in advance, by credit card or by mailing in a cheque. See payment options for more information.

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